Pop up tents today are preferred more and more because of its easy setup functionality. Pop up tents are also the best solution for all the first-time campers out there. In a nutshell, you can set up a 2-4 person pop up tent within 10-20 seconds and can take it down and pack up within 1-2 minutes. 

But before that, we need to know the basics.

What are pop up tents exactly and how do they work?

Pop up tents are portable and easy to set up, by its term “pop”, just pull it out from its bag and watch it magically assemble itself. It’s different from generic tents like dome tents, ridge tents, tunnel tents., etc. So don’t get confused since some articles suggest you the best list of “pop up tents”, yet they’re throwing in other types of tents on the list.

Check the difference:

As you can see the pop up tent is ready in just under a few seconds. Whilst the generic tent takes 2 people to install, although they have some advantages on their own.

Benefits of pop up tents:

Below is the list of why pop up tents are the most ideal for a festival camping and quick casual camping trips.

  • Easy Storage
  • Hassle-free set up
  • Quick takedown and pack
  • Good for little to no experience with camping
  • Can squeeze into tight areas

The best pop up tents in 2020 come with their own sustainable and reusable bags. They are very lightweight, travel-friendly and easy to store. With their compact design, you’re left with more storage space and weight allowance for your other outdoor adventure needs.

How to set up a pop up tent?

Setting up a pop up tent is pretty easy and straightforward, you just have to pull it out from the bag and toss it on an open space. That’s it! Although you have to make sure that you have the bottom part of the pop up tent facing down so that it will stay in place and unveil itself properly.

How to pack up a pop up tent?

Packing up a pop up tent is also as easy as folding a towel. Although this can vary depending on the brand or model of the pop up tent. Some pop up tents has some folding techniques you need to apply for it to stay securely in place. So make sure you read the products manual.

Quick Tip: after use or cleaning, do not store your tent until it is perfectly dry to prevent odours and mould forming.

Below is a video demo on how to set up and pack up a pop up tent:

Things to consider before buying a pop up tent

Before you decide to get a pop up tent, you need to consider how many people will use the tent. If it’s only you, then you don’t need to worry about comfort in your sleep. However, the most basic pop up tents can accommodate 2-4 people in it, but you’ll have to sacrifice comfortability, especially when sleeping.

Camping with family or friends of 4 people and above is a different story. It would be best if you considered getting a hybrid or much larger pop up tent which offers more comfortability with its larger size. Also, don’t forget about your gears as you will need to put them inside your tent.

If you also happen to be camping within rainy seasons, bad weather and harsh environment. Or just being cautious and want to prepare for these uncertain things, you need to get the most trusted and durable pop up tent available on the market today.

We managed to get a list of the best pop up tents in 2020 that real people reviewed and have real experience on the product’s durability and comfortability. It’s grouped up into different sections to help you get the best out of your budget and needs.

The list below is only intended for 2-4 person pop up tents. If you’re looking for more capacity check out our list of hybrid and a large pop up tents.

Quickly jump to the list based on your preferences:

  1. The Most Affordable Pop Up Tents under $50
  2. Entry-level Pop Up Tents
  3. The Best Quality Pop Up Tents in 2020

The Most Affordable Pop Up Tents Under $50 in 2020

This list is the most basic and affordable popup tents for just under $50. The listed tents here are perfect for starting out on camps, camping on a budget, quick outing on the beach and also for people who are planning to go into a festival.

Most of the popup tents listed on this category are mostly non-rainproof tent, although they can withstand light rain. We advise people who’ll be using pop up tents in the heavy rainy season to go for our list of the best quality pop up tents.

Quick list:

  1. Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent
  2. Abco Sport – Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent
  3. SEMOO Pop Up Camping Tent
  4. AmazonBasics Pop-up Beach Tent

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

We chose Coleman 20-Person Pop-Up Tent as our top pick for the most affordable pop up tent under $50. Just simply because it is fire and water-resistant, a lightweight camping tent that assembles in only 10 seconds, and even floor seams keep you dry even when the ground is soaking wet. 

This camping tent is uniquely designed with preassembled poles, allowing the tent to pop into place in a snap.

This instant pop up tent also offers room for two camp pads and comes with two integrated storage pockets to help you keep small items organized. 

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent Features:

  • Protected Seams
  • Wind-Strong Frame
  • Zipper Protection
  • Waterproof Floors

The ventilation of this tent is also a nice accommodation. A must-have camping starter pack pop up tent.

Abco Sport – Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent

The Abco Sport – Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent has double doors on both the left and right side, and it’s easy to step out from either side. Moreover, a combination of the inner zippered screen plus outer zippered nylon layer gives an ability to switch between high breathability and complete privacy easily.

This also tops our choice of pop up tents ventilation as two mesh windows on the front and back adds further to the air circulation while the robust nylon flaps over the windows allow for privacy. You can also open everything and enjoy the surroundings too.

SEMOO Pop Up Camping Tent

The SEMOO Pop Up Camping Tent has some advanced pop up structure which only takes about two SECONDS to open the tent, convenient and fast. Ideal for the beach, camping or any outdoor activities.

Two windows on both sides covered by a solid nylon flap provide excellent ventilation and keep bugs out, One D-shape front and rear doors allow for easy in and out for an adult.

The airflow is excellent at the beach on a hot day, even with minimal winds. The tent is comfortable, convenient, spacious and pretty, with large folding windows & door, with double screen door w two-sided zipper holders.

AmazonBasics Pop-up Beach Tent

As the name suggests, this pop up tent is intended for beach use only and quick protection from the sun. Just think of this as an umbrella but a tent. It sets up in seconds with easy pop-up design, lightweight and portable. It also has some side sandbag anchors which helps to keep the tent in place even there’s a strong gush of wind.

The pop-up tent’s extended front floor allows for spreading out, whether enjoying a picnic or stretching legs out long. The floor creates a protective layer between beach towels or other belongings and the sand.

Entry-level Pop Up Tents Under $100

This list of Entry-level Pop Up Tents is intended for people who are still on a budget but also want a durable product that can last up to years. Perfect for camping hobbyists. These products are built tough and even capable of medium rains and a strong gush of winds.

Quick list:

Sunnychic Pop Up Tent

Sunnychic Pop Up Tent is our top pick for Entry-level pop up tents as it proves durability and ease of use and also it’s just under $100!

The design of a three-dimensional ventilation system from front and back strengthen the air convection and promoting double ventilation. It can offer additional ventilation to keep you cool on the warm spring and summer evening.

Moreover, two mesh windows on the front and back add further to the air circulation while the robust nylon flaps over the windows allow for privacy.

Sunnychic Pop Up Tent Features:

  • Quick & Easy Setup Pop Up Tent
  • High Quality & Waterproof Tent
  • Unique Double Layer Anti-Mosquito Design
  • High Breathability and Privacy
  • Sun Protected & Roomy Tent Space

Ideal for: Casual camping, Hiking, Backyard Resting, festivals, outdoor recreational activities, boy/ girl scout, and beach gatherings.

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent is very roomy for 3 adults, could easily fit 4 if needed. Ideal for family rest. Family camping has never been this easy. It comes in a circular carry bag with straps that can be used to carry the tent on your shoulder.

Each opening has two layers, opaque and netting. And each layer has two-sided zipper hold, one for when you are inside (inside facing zip) and one when you are outside (outside facing zip).

Zenph/Xiaomi Automatic Pop Up Tent

Zenph Automatic Pop Up Tent has a design of a three-dimensional ventilation system for front and back, strengthening air convection and promoting double ventilation, which can ensure indoor refreshing even in sultry summer.

All the ventilation outlets of the tent are equipped with B3 gauze, and the front door is a double door design with an external gate and screen door. It can prevent mosquitoes with a two-way lock.

The whole tent adopts PU material waterproof coating, and its waterproofing is far superior to that of rubber and other materials.

Ayamaya Pop Up Ten

This camping pop up tent is specially designed with a double layer. The inner layer and the outer layer are connected by hooks, which can effectively prevent condensation. There is a gap between the inner and outer layers, which can offer additional ventilation to keep you cool on the warm spring and summer evenings.

We would not suggest using this for backpacking due to the weight and size of it. On to the setup, you pull it out of the bag, undo an elastic strap, toss it, and it takes shape right away.

The Best Quality Pop Up Tents in 2020

Our list of the best quality pop up tents you can avail today in 2020. You can never go wrong on what to select on this list as we did all the research for you and selected only the best we could ever find. It will just depend on your preference and budget.

Quick list:

  1. Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop up Portable Camping Hub Tent
  2. Toogh Automatic Pop Up Camping Tent
  3. Diamond Candy Pop Up Tent
  4. Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop up Portable Camping Hub Tent

The Gazelle T4 Hub Pop Up Tent tops the best quality pop up tents in 2020, simply because its features a unique pre-assembled hub design providing one of the quickest setups in the instant tent category—from bag to basecamp in under 90 seconds! Quit stressing over complicated instructions, or navigating a bunch of loose parts.

A waterproof rainfly with taped seams is included with each tent. The integrated poles insert into each corner before popping up the roof. It can be left off on lovely nights for a great view of the stars.

The rugged polyester floor is held securely in place by a thick strip of extra strength hook and loop tape surrounding the tent interior. It can be quickly removed to shake out dirt and sand.

Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop Up Tent Features:

  • Sturdy Pop-Up Hub Design
  • Durable YKK Zippers
  • Rainfly w/ Integrated Poles
  • Removable Floor

Toogh Automatic Pop Up Camping Tent

Toogh is designed to be the ultimate tent for everyone to enjoy backpacking, Family Camping, and all other outdoor adventures. It is designed with the intent to be a convenient setting. 

The rainfly and floor of the tent is constructed with polyester non-stretch fabric, with added rip-stop for durability, creating an ultralight and ultra-strong exterior for the shell and floor of the tent. Summit any mountain or camp by the summer sea with these Toogh tents and have plenty of room to sleep comfortably!

The tent structure is hexagon at the bottom with sizeable internal space,there is enough room for one family of 2 adults plus 2 children and belongings.

Quick pitch tent – a mature camper just need 1 minute to set-up tents, a new camper needs to spend 5 minutes to assemble.

Diamond Candy Pop Up Tent

Diamond Candy Pop Up Tent has a smart top construction system, and the tent can be put up or take down quickly and easily in just a few steps. So you do not have to do the strenuous work of classic tent construction. Even a child could pitch our pop up the tent quickly.

You can also separate the top outer layer part and use it as a quick sun shader, very suitable for beach, lake, parks and other places for camping.

It has double doors so that users are convenient either in or out. Also, an additional mosquito net at the entrance, you can stay undisturbed in the tent even with the door open.

Inside the tent, there is the pocket that you can keep your phone, key or other personal belongings.

Mesh design on the tent top gives you a romantic night to see stars and maintain fresh air that goes into the tent.

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

The new 2 Seconds, just as quick to pitch, now has the Easy system to help you fold it down. The Fresh and Black technology keeps the tent Cool for sleeping comfortably. It also keeps it Dark, making it a blackout tent.

The air can circulate in the sleeping area. The entire rear sleeping area flysheet can also be lifted from the inside by pulling on a rope.

It has 1 top ventilation at the back and 2 spaces between the flysheet. The ground on each side in the bedroom to enable the air to renew itself and limit natural condensation.


Based on what we covered on our list above, there’s a vast of pop up tents available depending on your preferences, usage, and budget. Not all pop up tents listed above are rated for 4 season camping so do your due diligence.

Keep in mind that pop up tents, especially the cheaper once is not a disposable product; they are not designed to be used once and thrown away. Please be a responsible camper and pack up after use.

That’s it! Thanks for reading and we hope that this information will help you decide on getting a pop up tent for your next adventure.

Happy camping!


  1. That gazelle tent is a must have!! I have it for over a year now, it’s perfect when you camp with family. but I’m looking for a smaller one now since we have a plan to go backpacking with friends

    • Hey Ben, thank you for your feedback about the Gazelle Pop Up tent! Isn’t it wonderful? Also good luck on your backpacking adventure! You can always share your experience here on the website, keep in touch 💪. xoxo


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