As we all know, life is not all cupcakes and rainbows, and so is doing all types of activities outdoors. Sometimes it will not just go the way as we have planned or pictured it on our head.

The most common thing that stops us from having a lovely time outdoors, especially when we want to chill out and have a pleasant camping experience, is the weather. However, some people enjoy the harsh weather to feel the outdoor experience.

As being said, it is not really that bad. With the advancements of clothing, outdoor gadgets and weather forecasting, it’s easier than ever to have fun in all kinds of weather still.

Here’s how you can prepare for all kinds of weather when planning out to go out camping.

Be on Top of the Weather Forecast

Harsh or unusual weather can be bad and unpleasant if you’re not ready and prepared for it. Unlike a gentle cool breeze in spring and a ray of beautiful sunshine in summer, heavy rain and thunderstorm can take all the fun out of things.

Checking weather forecast nowadays is as easy as opening your text message. Even all modern smartphones today have a weather forecast defaulted on the lock screen, but because of this common thing we see every day, we tend to forget and ignore these small and significant things.

If you don’t have a default weather forecast application installed on your phone, you can check out this latest list of weather forecast applications on android. And if you’re on iOS check this list of weather forecast applications for iOS.

You can also check weather forecasts online to quick look and skip the mobile application installation.

Easy right? Nope.

Another huge tip you need to consider is there are times when we go on the mountains and wilderness area where mobile phone service is not available or non-reliable. So make sure you have weather radios in your backpack ready to be used.

Anticipate Sudden Drastic Weather Change

Keep in mind that we are experiencing a climate change on our planet. Spring arrives earlier. Summers are scorching hot. Powerful storms are more frequent than ever. That’s why you need to anticipate the impact of these drastic changes can have on your next trip.

Inclement Camping Weather 😟

If skies are not clear, a shallow breeze and 74 degrees with 50% humidity, then it must be inclement weather, correct? But enough with that numbers and stuff. Here’s how to deal with these kinds of natural mishap.

Rain and Floods

Light to medium rain can not be that bad right? Wrong. A heavy downpour 6 miles away may appear to have a slight effect on where you are until tons of gallons of water come rushing down that dry riverbed and catches you in an instant.

So you must be very aware of where your camping location is and be on the high ground as much as possible and do not underestimate the rain.


If you happen to be camping during a heavy lightning storm and is in the open field, get as low as you can, but don’t lie on the ground. Instead, do a squat on the balls of your feet to be as small as possible to have little contact with the ground as you can.

Also don’t be near the tallest object around, as lightning is attracted to the closest to it, people tend to go on a large tree for shelter, but it’s the main reason you get struck.

Scorching Hot Camping Weather 🥵

If you’re planning to venture out and camping into hot zones, you need to be ready for the condition. The thin polyester protection on your camping tent offers absolutely no comfort from the scorching heat. Here’s how not to be roasted:

Proper Hot Weather Clothing

In the scorching heat, your body cools off by sweating—a LOT. So make sure you have the proper clothing and use light-coloured fabrics that reflect the sun’s rays away.

Do you know what else is proper clothing on the scorching heat while camping? You guessed it right. A hat that’s not a visor type is an absolute must to keep your head from overheating.

Always Stay Hydrated

When you sweat a lot, you also lose a lot of water. Make sure you always have lots of fluid in hand, as our body needs plenty of water to function correctly.

Find Shaded Area

When you arrive at the camping area, make sure you set up your tent in a shaded area to keep out of the sun. If you there’s no shade available on the field, create your own by tying a tarp above your tent.

Quick Tip: Make sure to bring with you a waterproof sunscreen and lip balm at least SPF 40.

Cold and Freezing Camping Weather 🥶

Colder regions have sudden weather changes that can cause temperatures to jump. Here’s how you can avoid the trouble:

Proper Cold Weather Clothing

You really only need the basics unless you’re going to the north of the Arctic Circle.

  1. Hooded Sweatshirt
  2. Warm Socks
  3. Gloves
  4. Beanie
  5. Long Pants
  6. Long Sleeve Shirts

Quick Tip: Avoid cotton materials as much as possible as it holds and trap moisture close to the body, resulting in any insulation.

Cold-Weather Gear

Make sure that you shelter your water and food from cold temperatures, also sleep with your bottled water inside your sleeping bag so that it will not go frozen.


These tips may seem like common sense to have when going out on a camping trip, but these small things tend to be easily forgotten and resulting in a bad day outdoors. You should always think like a boy/girl scout and be prepared for anything, big or small.

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